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Our promise to you: We'll never walk into class, put on the music and tell you what to do. We promise to show you each move and work to perfect your form through verbal cues and hands-on corrections, ensuring you get the most from each exercise and class. We won't just go through the motions, and in return we hope you give us your all and ask questions whenever you have them!

Michelle Nigro

Michelle is Town Barre’s owner and lead instructor. She started Town Barre in October of 2015 renting out of various gyms and shortly thereafter quit her job in public relations to pursue a career teaching barre full time. In March of of 2017 she opened Town Barre's first studio.

Prior to working in PR, Michelle graduated from Emerson College with a degree in journalism and was a New England Patriots Cheerleader from 2010 to 2015. During her time on the team, she cheered from the sidelines at two Super Bowls and had the opportunity to represented the NFL at the Nike Festival of Sports in Shanghai.

Michelle started taking barre while trying to get in shape for Super Bowl XLIX. Soon enough, she started looking forward to working out, when prior, workouts were necessary but by no means enjoyable. Her newfound passion for barre led her to switch gears in her career path.

She’s now working to provide her clients with the same benefits barre provided her. In a recent interview with ClassPass, Michelle said, “I’m active every day, meet new people, help them reach their goals and provide them with an outlet to work on themselves.” 


Danielle Beatrice

Danielle is the proud owner and head instructor of Studio 21 in Swampscott, head coach of the Swampscott High School Dance Team and mom of two little girls. She began dancing at the age of three and continued her passion for dance throughout college and as a professional cheerleader for New England’s favorite NFL team from 2007-2009. During that time, she performed on the sidelines of Super Bowl XLIV and had the opportunity to travel overseas to perform for the service men and women in the United States Military.

Danielle is no stranger to teaching fitness classes having previously taught Zumba. She started taking barre when Michelle taught Mommy & Baby barre classes at Studio 21 and quickly fell in love! 


Sarah Moran

Sarah is no stranger to Barre. She began taking classes before her wedding
back in 2013. She wanted the sculpted back and toned arms everyone raved about
before her big day. Little did she know it would become the total body workout she had been seeking. Sarah varied her workouts over the years, but nothing really toned or transformed her body like barre. She instantly fell in love with the quick, one hour class that left her stronger and leaner than ever.

Barre is also the only workout
that never gets old or easier according to Sarah. There is always something to work on
in class. The constant challenge is what keeps her coming back. She was able to continue
taking barre classes throughout her pregnancy up until her due date. Sarah joined Town Barre after moving back to Swampscott when her daughter was born. Michelle's high energy classes challenged her and helped to get her pre-baby body back quickly. She fell in love with the Town Barre team and decided to join the teacher training program. She is very excited to share her passion for barre with the community.


Elizabeth Buchanan

Elizabeth is a full time manager at a local Marblehead restaurant.

Growing up she was always involved in multiple sports, and found running a way to decompress and reset.  After graduating college she took on a busy work load and found it hard to carve out time for exercise, and running started to feel more like a chore. 

She then discover barre and hasn't looked back since. Elizabeth started taking Town Barre classes almost two years ago, and quickly developed a passion for workout. 

Combined with her love for barre with her people skills, honed from years of working in the hospitality industry, enrolling in Town Barre's teacher training felt like a natural progression for her.


Lisa Lewis

Lisa is a Marketing Director at Sonos by day, a barre/yoga enthusiast by night and new mom all the time! She started dancing in junior high and cheered and danced through high school, and continues to get her groove on whenever she can! 

Today, Lisa is a 200-hour registered yoga bawse and most recently completed Town Barre's teacher training. Her focus is on power, vinyasa and Mommy & Baby Yoga as well as Classic Barre. She's also a music aficionado so be on the lookout for the hottest tracks on her curated playlists! 


Stefanie Borneman

Stefanie is currently a graduate student studying school counseling at Salem State University. She started dancing at the age of two and played many sports throughout high school. Being active has always been a part of her life and she enjoys trying new ways to get moving! However, when she entered college, Stefanie struggled to find a workout that was not very time consuming, but effective. She tried barre for the first time at Town Barre and quickly fell in love because it tones, strengthens, and lengthens, while being low impact, allowing her to take class every day of the week! Sometimes, Stefanie finds herself really craving an hour of barre to de-stress and unwind. 

Coming to barre classes has been extremely rewarding for Stefanie, both mentally and physically. It only felt natural to attend Town Barre’s Teacher Training Program and take her passion one step further. Stefanie is so excited to get shaking with Town Barre’s amazing community!