Do I need dance experience?


No!  Dance experience is completely unnecessary to benefit from barre fitness. The majority of our clients have never danced before! You may notice some ballet terms used in class. We recommend watching your fellow barre­-goers if you don't recognize a word and of course, asking your barre-tender as many questions as you need!

What is the age requirement for Town Barre?


All of our classes are safe for ages 16 and up. Parent or guardian permission is required for those under 16.

Can I visit Town Barre on back-to-back days?


Yes, we encourage you to attend class on consecutive days. Regular attendance will help to build muscle memory and efficiency and alleviate muscle soreness. Because of the diversity of strength building exercises at Town Barre, guests should expect to feel some tenderness after every class, particularly in the beginning or after a break. You might consider varying the type of class you take on consecutive days by supplementing Classic Barre classes with Cardio Barre and Kickboxing.

Will I lose weight?


Town Barre classes target every muscle group with extra attention paid to larger muscles (i.e. legs and booty) – the larger the muscle, the more calories burned. You will build lean muscle mass which burns the most calories even while your body is at rest. As you see results, you will be motivated to make better decisions about your nutrition. If you participate in Town Barre classes regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle outside the barre, then you will become stronger and see changes in your body. We challenge you to let go of the fixation with the scale and redirect your energy on total fitness, being strong inside and out. This article from LiveStrong explains why the scale isn’t the best indication of a healthier, stronger body. Perhaps more extraordinary than shedding pounds, through loving your workout routine, you will learn to love your body and the amazing things it is capable of.

*Read our client Janice’s weight loss story here.

How soon will I see results?


This question depends on your body, your commitment and your nutrition. If you are attending class regularly, you will learn to engage your core with every exercise and will feel a change after the first few weeks. If you are breaking a sweat every day and fueling your body with proper nutrition, you will see a change after the first month and with continued efforts, achieve a noticeable stronger and healthier body by next season. If you have questions about class consistency and achieving your personal health and fitness goals, we encourage you to ask your barre-tenders.

Will Town Barre classes make me bulky?


No! And first of all, weight training making women bulky is largely a myth whether you are lifting 3 or 30 pound dumbbells. If you are working out and eating properly, you would have to try to become bulky (and it is not easy!).

Town Barre classes are designed to tone your body. The series of exercises strengthen and stretch every major muscle group in the body and target hard to reach muscles to burn maximum calories and attain a more sculpted shape. You will notice a redistribution of your body weight as sagging muscles become firmer and more lifted. In the beginning, this might give you the false impression of fuller muscles. As you stick with it, your muscles will become more compact and you will shed the fatty tissue between the muscles to achieve a slimmer physique.

Can I still benefit from Town Barre if I am not flexible?


Yes, through taking Town Barre classes, you will become more flexible. Barre classes work each muscle group to fatigue and then stretch that muscle group to strengthen and lengthen the body. Concentration and proper breathing will allow your muscles to get the most from this sort of exercise. Flexibility and range of motion are important in preventing injury throughout your life and keeping your body youthful.

Will I need more cardio than Town Barre?


It depends on your body and why cardio is important to you. Town Barre classes are aerobic and fast paced, moving from strengthening to stretching exercises nonstop like interval training. While you may not be running, you are doing cardiovascular exercise during barre class. Besides the obvious heart benefits, it is important to train our lungs. Controlled breathing strengthens the core and improves endurance which means the ability to exercise longer with less effort. We encourage guests to compliment their Classic Barre workouts with our Cardio Barre and Kickboxing classes for additional variety.

If you are an avid runner or spinner, incorporating Town Barre classes into your wellness routine will actually benefit you. This article in Fitness Magazine explains how barre builds core strength vital to back and pelvic stability – needed for runners and non-runners alike! “Female runners typically end up in physical therapy due to weak hip abductors and hip rotators—the very muscles worked throughout barre class. Building up these muscles helps you learn to control your hips and prevent your knees from caving when you’re out for a run. As a result, you’ll protect yourself from common running injuries like hip impingement, ITB syndrome, and hip, knee, and ankle pain.” The article goes as far as to say barre classes can replace physical therapy for runners in the recovery stages of injuries. Need more proof? Check out this article in Women’s Running.

What should I wear?


To ensure proper alignment, it is suggested that students wear formfitting pants to class. Barre socks or in­-studio shoes are required for all barre classes. Socks are available for purchase at the studio for $15. Clean, indoor sneakers are required for kickboxing classes.

Is Town Barre only for women?


Of course not, we welcome anyone at the barre! Learn why men should do barre here.

Is Town Barre safe during pregnancy?


Yes! Barre fitness is an effective workout that is safe to continue throughout your pregnancy. At the beginning of each class please let the instructor know that you are expecting so they can show you any modifications that may be necessary. Town Barre also offers private lessons for pre & post natal women. For more information regarding fitness and your pregnancy please contact us.

What is your Class Arrival policy?


First time guests are requested to arrive ten minutes before class so the instructor can introduce themselves, welcome you to Town Barre and address any injuries, limitations, and questions. For safety reasons, beginners are discouraged from joining a class once the instructor has begun.

What is your Class Cancellation policy?


All cancellations must be made at least 6 hours prior to the class start time. An “early cancel” (outside of the 6-hour cancellation window) will not affect your account. If the cancellation is made within the 6-hour period before the class start time, it is considered a “late cancel,” and the class will be removed from your account. Clients with unlimited monthly or membership packages will be charged $10 for that class.