Classic Barre

Classic Barre is our signature barre class and is perfect for beginners and experienced barre-goers alike! Classes consist of high intensity yet low impact exercises, making barre a great workout option for all ages and fitness levels. Barre workouts are challenging for muscles but easy on joints and every exercise can be modified.

Class begins with a warm-up then light hand weights are used to tone the arms. Class then moves to the barre to exercise the leg and seat muscles. Class ends with core work and a cool down stretch. Classic Barre classes provide a total body workout that will tone, strengthen and lengthen from head to toe! Barre socks are required for this class and are sold in studio.

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Cardio Barre

Cardio Barre follows our Classic Barre format but includes additional movement to keep the heart rate up for the entire class. Following each targeted section of the workout (arms, legs & seat), we’ve added a short cardio interval to torch calories. Don’t like to jump? Don’t worry. All of our Cardio Barre classes provide low impact modifications for the cardio exercises that are still sure to make you sweat! Barre socks are required for this class and are sold in studio.


Suspend Barre

Suspend Barre is a total body workout that adds exercises using the TRX Suspension Trainer. Similar to barre, suspension training workouts use your own bodyweight to increase strength, flexibility, core stability and balance. TRX training also sculpts long, lean muscles making it the perfect complement to barre. New to TRX? No need to fear, Suspend Barre introduces just a few TRX exercise per class so you can learn the fitness modality at your own pace. Clean, indoor sneakers are required for this class.



Kick, punch, squat, pulse and smile your way through a class so fun you’ll forget you’re working out. Burn calories while sculpting muscles with this cardio workout! Class can be modified for all fitness levels. Clean, indoor sneakers are required for this class.


Mommy & Baby Barre

Mommy & baby barre classes are held in 5-week sessions and open to non-movers only, roughly ages 6 weeks to 7 months. A front carrier and blanket are required. Strengthen and tone muscles while having fun with your baby! Barre socks are required for this class and are sold in studio.

Our fall Mommy & Baby Barre class session will start in November. Email to sign up now!