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Potential Childcare Program

Heading into the New Year we are looking for ways to help make it easier for our community to hit the barre! We know getting a babysitter to come to class isn't always ideal and that is why we are looking into providing childcare at Town Barre. 

As a small business, any change is a big decision, so we are attempting to do some market research on the topic. We have provided details about how a childcare program would run at Town Barre for you to check out below. We have also created a survey to gauge interest in this service. We would love and appreciate any feedback and we hope that one day we are able to provide this service to our community. 

Program information:

  • Childcare would be provided in the open room adjacent to the studio. The room would be child-proofed and have foam flooring.
  • Childcare would be $7 per child/per class.
  • Members would receive childcare at a discounted rate of $5 per child/per class.
    • Members pay $125 per month for unlimited classes.
  • There would be bundle packages where you would be able to purchase more than 1 childcare class at a time for a discounted rate per class.
  • Advance online registration for your child would be required.
  • If no children are registered 1 hour prior to class time, childcare would not be available.
  • If your child needed to use the bathroom during class, you would be pulled from class. (Please bring child to bathroom before class.)
  • Our childcare providers would not change diapers.
  • If our childcare providers could not settle your child during class, you would be pulled from class.


  • To register your child you would need to create a separate Town Barre MindBody account for your child, under their own name with a different email address than the one you use for your Town Barre MindBody account.
  • You would be responsible for signing up yourself and your child prior to class and checking in yourself and your child upon arrival.
  • If your child gets sick, you would need to find a childcare alternative or cancel both yourself and your child out of class. The cancellation policy would be the same and you would lose your childcare class credit for late cancels and no-shows. 


  • Toys brought to the studio would need to be clean and safe for any age. Anything you brought with you must be taken home with you.
  • All snacks would need to be spill and stain proof and nut-free.

Childcare providers:

  • Our childcare providers would have experience babysitting and be CPR certified. 
  • Childcare providers would receive class credit as trade for services. 
  • Please contact if you'd like to apply to be a childcare provider. 


Click here to take survey.

Thank you in advance for completing our service to help us gauge interested!