Why we do a bridge almost every class

While the movement may seem basic, the majority of barre studios include a bridge in almost every class because of its many benefits:

  • It tightens your buns and legs - Strong glutes don’t just make you look better in your jeans. Many people with low back, hip and knee pain have weak gluteal muscles. The bridge is one of the best exercises to help target and isolate these important muscles.

  • It improves posture - Most of us sit for the majority of the day at work. Sitting with shoulders and back rounded looking at phones and computers all day can causing headaches, weakness and tight muscles from poor posture! Bridging strengthens the back extensors, which can help us stand up straighter.

  • It can be done laying down - Squats are popular and effective, but there are many people who are unable to do a squat due to back, knee or hip pain. The bridge allows you to strengthen these muscles in a position that doesn’t put pressure on joints.

  • It decreases back pain - Back pain can be caused by poor movement of the spine and lead to weak hip and stomach muscles. The focus on the core and surrounding muscles in a bridge exercise helps strengthen the low back, leading to decreased pain and preventing back pain in the future!

  • It enhances sports performance - Most physical activities require strong glutes. Often times people don’t realize they have weak glutes until an injury sidelines them. Bridges strengthen the posterior chain, which can lead to a decreased chance of injury and improved sports performance.

  • It helps prevent knee pain and injury - Knee pain can be a direct result from muscle imbalances in the hips, including weak inner and outer thighs and glutes. Bridging strengthens these muscle groups.

  • It helps with scoliosis - Scoliosis causes an imbalance in movement of the vertebrae and the muscles that surround the spine. Bridging strengthens, but also can return proper movement to the spine, which can help the pain associated with scoliosis.

  • It feels good - Inversions help to increase blood flow, which can help balance hormones and release endorphins. All of this can lead to peace of mind, better sleep and improved mood!

Add bridges to your at-home workout routine when you can’t make it to the studio!

Michelle Nigro