Why runners should do barre

As the weather gets nicer more people will be hitting the pavement for walks and runs – especially those on the north shore thanks to beautiful shorelines to run by! Fitness Magazine explains why runners should incorporate barre in their cross-training.

"Female runners typically end up in physical therapy due to weak hip abductors and hip rotators—the very muscles worked throughout barre class, says Scrementi. Building up these muscles helps you learn to control your hips and prevent your knees from caving when you’re out for a run. As a result, you’ll protect yourself from common running injuries like hip impingement, ITB syndrome, and hip, knee, and ankle pain."

The main reason barre helps runners is because the workout builds seat, hip and core strength vital to back and pelvic stability (needed for runners and non-runners alike).

The article even goes as far as to say barre classes can replace physical therapy for runners in the recovery stages of injuries. Need more proof? Check out this article in Women’s Running.

What doesn’t barre do? It lifts seats, tones and lengthens muscles, chisels abs, protects joints, heals runners AND is fun?! But maybe I’m are just bias ;).

Cheers, Michelle

Michelle Nigro