Why guys should do barre!

Do you have a friend, boyfriend, husband, brother, son or dad that has ever wondered where your obsession with barre comes from or dare we say, think it is easy? Bring them to the barre! Click here to watch a video of some NFL players trying chair pose!

Here are some legit reasons guys should incorporate barre into their workout routines:

NFL players doing barre!

1. Barre class exercises muscle groups that men don’t normally use. Think your booty burns after class? Many men are shocked at how sore they are after class and how many muscles groups were worked to fatigue during the hour-long workout. Unlike trying to grab the heaviest weight you can find and throwing it around, barre helps you learn to make small isolated movements and engage your muscles properly.

2. Barre instills balance and coordination. Men usually struggle with balance and coordination – major tenants of barre that can be an asset to them in their workouts outside of the barre studio.

3. It teaches flexibility. In barre class the emphasis is on reaching long into each exercise, using length not height in our reps, less momentum and more control. This practice encourages increased flexibility over time and combined with stretching at the end of class to cool down, it’s a great and often unexpected benefit to guys giving a barre workout a go.

Added bonus: Have fun kicking his booty!

See you at the barre!

Cheers, Michelle

Michelle Nigro