Why barre is an effective workout for anyone

Our friend Jenn Sinrich’s latest for ClassPass.com discusses the physical and mental benefits of barre as well as why this workout is perfect for almost anyone! Here are a few of our favorite points:

  • What started as The Lotte Berk Method, soon found its way to the U.S. Barre’s ability to incorporate a mix of moves and exercise inspired not only by ballet, but also Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training (i.e. movements that mimic activities you do in your daily life, like balance and posture), caught on quickly with the general population.

  • Barre sets no boundaries when it comes to age, weight or fitness level. New to fitness? Or have fallen off the fitness wagon? Barre is great for exercisers of all experience levels. Even if you’ve never taken a dance class in your life, you’re still in the clear, as instructors are especially trained to guide newcomers through movements and cater to all strength and flexibility levels. Barre is also an individual workout so you can challenge yourself at your own pace without affecting anyone else’s workout in the class.

  • The small movements done in a barre class are so specific and targeted that you’ll find yourself newly aware to certain areas of your body, such as your inner thighs. Who knew you could work out that area solely—and to the max? Barre also strengthens the connection your brain has with your body, otherwise known as the neuromuscular connection.

Come see for yourself how barre makes “for a fun and exciting experience each time you go,” according to Jenn! All ages and fitness levels are welcome, but don’t take our word for it — read the full article and find out why this workout is effective for anyone looking to strengthen and tone.

Michelle Nigro