Perfect your plank with one move!

THE TUCK. You’ve heard the word tuck in barre class and you try to remember to keep you booty tucked during leg work to create a neutral spine, but are you tucking during your planks?

Let’s face it planks are hard, but they’re also THE most effective ab exercise and about 3-5 minutes of every class at Town Barre! Planks are safe, effective, tough, and total-body engaging but, for planks to live up to their full potential your form has to be on point.

Let’s walk through the basics as explained in SELF Magazine..

“Proper plank form means keeping your core and quads tight, and your hips lifted. For stability’s sake, your feet (or knees) and arms (or elbows) should be shoulder-width apart. To keep your spine in a neutral position and avoid straining your neck, aim your chin about six inches in front of your body. As you hold the plank, imagine that you’re extending from the crown of your head through your heels. Lastly, don’t hold your breath! It’s key to remain engaged throughout the entire plank, so don’t let yourself zone out.”

The biggest mistake in planks is an exaggerated dip in your lower back. If your lower back is sagging, your core is most likely not engaged. When the body is faced with a challenge it naturally tends to overcompensate with the strongest or largest muscles so you may not even realize you are not in proper plank form.

Here’s the magic move – get in your best plank, stick your booty in the air then tuck it under.

Watch the GIF in SELF to see how tucking in your plank will help you engage your core the entire exercise!

Michelle Nigro