Healthy Holiday Challenge starts 11/25!

Let's face it, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, a bikini body isn't on anyone's mind - nor should it be! But, there's a saying "bikini bodies are made in the winter" that I'd like to chat about. In my eyes, the saying isn't to promote six-packs, a certain body type or even bikinis! I interpret the saying to mean that if you attempt to change anything about your body or create healthy lifestyle changes by June, and don't start until March or April, you won't achieve attainable or sustainable results -- at least not the healthy way. 

During these cold, dark months where motivation lacks, it is important to continue your daily wellness routine like working out and eating right (in between parties and cookie baking), for a number of reasons! The first we chatted about above, keeping your energy up to take on and enjoy the busy holiday season. Another is to build muscle. When you increase your muscle mass, you boost your resting metabolism -- and that makes your body burn more calories. The minute you stop training, your body stops building muscles. How rapidly your muscle strength and overall fitness decline depends on a number of factors. One thing is for sure though: You’ll lose your muscles in a shorter amount of time than it took to build them. Plus, who wants to start 2018 feeling tired and weak?

So why not keep the momentum going, or kick-off a new health and fitness routine before New Year's resolutions start?

From Saturday, November 25th to Saturday, December 23rd we're challenging you to 15 classes in 30 days! 

Succeed in the challenge and earn 10% off your first class pack or membership payment heading into 2018!

There are lots of different ways to pay for challenge classes. You can use class packs, a membership, new client special or our insane challenge offer... 15 classes for $150 (just $10 a class)! As added motivation, this package starts Saturday, November 25th and ends Saturday, December 23rd (no exceptions).

Who's ready to crush one more goal during the most wonderful time of the year?

Email or purchase the package to sign up!

Michelle Nigro