Benefits of barre that will make you want to add some plies to your workout

Barre has recently become very popular in the fitness industry, but it isn't without reason that many people are heading to the barre for their workout. With small, isometric movements and a focus on the core, the many benefits of barre class show that this popular fitness option isn't just a meaningless fad. 


Although barre takes some positions and movements from ballet, a barre fitness class (and our Classic Barre class) is totally different from a dance class. During the 60-minute workout, you'll go through a series of strengthening exercises targeting your core, arms, legs, and seat. A full-body workout paired with a solid playlist and an enthusiastic instructor, and you've got a workout that — after you get over the soreness of your first class — becomes incredibly addictive. A few classes (and a few different colors of barre socks) later, and you'll be hooked.

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Barre uses small props including a ball, light hand weights, bands and a yoga strap, but classes prove all you need is your body and barre for an effective workout. If you're looking for a new way to rev up your exercise routine, consider adding some barre into your weekly routine. Attend class 3 times a week for a month and we guarantee you'll see a difference. We've listed 8 reasons why barre is so beneficial below!

1. All about the core

Barre is the best core workout. With each isometric movement, you target tiny muscles that get ignored if you're sticking to crunches. And by repeating these small movements over and over again, you build up endurance. So, the more you go to class, the better you get and the longer you can hold tough positions (We see you, plank).

2. Improves posture

Keeping a straight spine is crucial to so many of the movements in a barre class. Maintaining good form and proper alignment of the hips and shoulders is always more important than getting lower in a plié or lifting a leg higher. By maintaining an awareness of your posture in class, you'll find yourself noticing each time your shoulders slump forward at your desk. A strong core also helps to keep your back straight, so with every barre class, you'll be standing a little taller.

3. Increases flexibility

You don't need a dancer's flexibility to take a barre class, but the stretching breaks in between strengthening exercises will help to increase your flexibility. Classes focus on being strong and flexible.

4. Muscles learn to work correctly

Tight muscles can cause other muscle groups to not work correctly. In addition to gaining flexibility, stretching during barre class also helps your muscles to work correctly, ensuring you get the most from each exercises and preventing injury.

5. Full-body workout

Barre classes target every muscle group in the body. Plus, by using your own body weight as resistance, you are able to work multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, during many barre-inspired seat exercises, you are also working your leg and ab muscles. Isometric movements help you target smaller muscles that often get ignored as well. In just 60-minutes, you'll achieve a full-body workout that will leave you sore in the best way.

6. Low-impact

Barre promotes itself as an exercise modality any age or fitness level can participate in because of it's low-impact nature. Low-impact means it is gentler on your joints. Running and jumping are examples of high-impact workouts. Due to the fact barre is low-impact, it is easier to do more of, without requiring breaks for muscle or joint rehabilitation. A long-term commitment means better results over time that will last! Good barre classes will provide high-intensity exercises that are still low-impact, so you will leave in a sweat, but you won't be struggling to catch your breath. 

7. Low injury risk

Low-impact also means that barre has a low-injury risk. Less pressure on your joints equals fewer chances of hurting yourself. Not to mention all of the muscles you are building around your joints are going to prevent injuries by making you stronger and helping your muscles work correctly. You can even do barre throughout your entire pregnancy by working with your instructor to learn modifications and adjustments along the way.

8. It's Fun!

Barre may not have the soaked tank of a spin class or the spiritual mantras of yoga, but cheerful instructors, dance worthy playlists, and endorphin-pumping movements make this workout one you'll look forward to! 

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Michelle Nigro